July 12, 2009

Please come to CCM’s Volunteer Appreciation and Recruitment Picnic

Is there a role for you to play as a volunteer for CCM?
Please come to an Appreciation and Recruitment picnic on Saturday, August 8, from 2
to 5 pm. R.S.V.P.: 410-990-1993.

Donate = Tax Break, Help Build an Addition

Do you have a business in Maryland? Make a donation to CCM and earn a credit toward your state income tax at the same time. Funds are needed to make our planned expansion a reality – a room for cooking, crafts, video viewing, and computers. Here’s how it works. Contribute cash or materials worth $500 or more, send in a one-page form, and voila, you get back confirmation of a state tax credit worth 50% of the donation.

A $1,000 donation
earns you $500 off your taxes. That’s in addition to the
standard deduction for a charitable contribution. If you don’t owe taxes for 2009, it can be applied up to 5 years in the future. It’s that easy.`