June 20, 2010

Avast ye Hearties! The Best of all Parties!

Thursday, June 24th

This party is for swashbucklers and seafarers salty enough to know how to arrange for a babysitter on a summer’s eve. Chesapeake Children’s Museum is one of the lucky non-profits selected to benefit from the Best of Annapolis and Eastern Shore Party produced by What’s Up? Magazine. The event will be held at the Leow’s Hotel, 126 West Street, on Thursday, June 24th from 6 to 9 pm. That’s 4 bells. The theme - you could’ve seen it from the crow’s nest a league away - is “Set Your Compass Toward Local Treasures.” Included in admission will be live music with Doug Segree and fabulous food from 35 of the best restaurants in the area. Yum! You can support CCM by: donating a “treasure” for our coconut tree game, coming to the party, and taking a chance at popping a winning coconut. (Okay, so they’re balloons.) Prizes could be gift certificates or items – we’re especially looking for jewelry and nautical / adventure related prizes. You know, things a buccaneer would go to great lengths to acquire (without hurting anyone, of course!). Call Dale or Debbie at CCM to arrange drop off or pick up of booty.

Tickets are available online at: http://www.whatsupmag.com/best-of-party-2010.aspx Or call: 410-267-9390.