December 3, 2009

A Gift For All Our Children

This holiday season please remember Chesapeake Children’s Museum when you think about gift giving at this time of year. You can purchase CCM admission passes or a gift membership for families on your list. If you are renewing your own family’s membership, consider the Funded level so that a membership can be given to a local family in need.

End-of-year giving is a tradition for many families as a way to share with others. It is also a good time to think about tax deductions. Time is running out for the DOUBLE gift opportunity for tax credits to Maryland businesses. A donation of $500 or more (in cash or goods) not only benefits CCM, but earns the giver 50% of the gift back as a tax credit. A $1,000 gift earns the donor $500 off 2009’s Maryland tax liability. If no taxes are owed, it can be applied for up to 5 years in the future. CCM has until December 31st to offer $15,000 in tax credits to Maryland business owners. That could mean $30,000 toward building a better CCM for all our children.

If you would rather give the gift of time, volunteer here. Make a difference in the lives of children – starting with our own. Volunteers are always needed at CCM to keep the place tidy, facilitate activities, and otherwise keep the museum going full steam ahead. The board of directors meets monthly and works on various duties in between. Please ask how you might assist with: accounting, fund raising, membership, marketing, facilities, outreach, grants, or other much needed tasks. Children are always welcome when you volunteer. Call 410-990-1993 or write: